The Choice is Yours

The Choice Is Yours

Adventure 1: What Came After


Originally written as a screenplay format, I cut out any parts that were deemed inappropriate (not violence-wise, mostly just foolish in regards to humorous misbehavior which resulted in very little progress. However I kept some so as to add humor to this). So as GM, I’m keeping this clean). I also am converting this into a book-form, as I personally have experienced disappointments with book series that are good, but then have them written as screenplays, taking away the sensory detail that makes me enjoy the reading. Taking this story I have created and making it into a true book-form tale is time-consuming, and I hope you enjoy it.

Also, for you game-theorists, or people who just like analyzing things to find out secret clues and cool lore, I have also taken more time to throw in hints and clues and implications that add up to many of these things. In fact, if you look closely enough and put your mind to it, you’ll be able to predict the ending of this story, the true identity of The Dark Father (believe me, it won’t be who you think it is), the fate of the characters, and more! However, I will not spoil anything for you nor confirm it in any way other than providing it to you by means of the story progressing and the story itself verifying the correctness of your theories.

If you want to become a player, just leave a comment, let me know your username, through character info, and I’ll invite you.

The Choice Is Yours

Looks amazing so far!

The Choice Is Yours
AmbroseFL AmbroseFL

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