Montague Dewpont


Montague Dewpont
Race: Human
Size: 5’2 short, muscular
Class: War Cleric, Mage
Level: 575
Items: mace, shield, crossbow,(20) bolts, chain mail, priest pack, and a gold ring (holy symbol) De’Dios staff, Ambrose’s Universal Compendium of Creation (Locked), wonder potion.
Max HP: 5,580,853
Current HP: 5,580,853
Experience Points (XP): 0/179,000
Armor Class (A.C.): 44
Action Points: 7
Strength: 678
Wisdom: 595
Charisma: 571
Intelligence: 566
Constitution: 679
Dexterity: 571


Worships god of honorable warfare, Iroas. He also has earned High Priesthood within the Iroan Clergy, and also has begun to learn magic in an attempt to be not only a battle-champion and high priest of Iroas, but also a powerful mage.

Montague Dewpont

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