: Diamond
Race: Gem-Person (Diamond)
Size: Medium
Class: Mage
Level: 538
Items: Few health potions, dagger, rags as clothing, an Alchemy Jug, five Animated Shields, a Bag of Holding, two Beads of Force, a Torch of Control Fire, an Orb of Storm Control, a set of Dragon-Forged Knight Armor, two vials of Teleportation Dust, four bottles of Curing Potions, six Gems of Elemental Conjuration, four Spell Turrets, a Folding Boat, a Gem of Farsight, a Helm of Global Comprehension, a Potion of Massive Growth, twenty Healing Potions, a Ring of Djinn Summoning, a Ring of Passive Warding, a Ring of Evasion, a Ring of Telekinesis, a Ring of Spell Catching, a Potion of Inspiration, and four Spell Scrolls (Level 900 or higher). Amulet that allows for invisibility, teleportation, and to become a pair of wings, attachable to anyone she chooses, so she can help them fly, and to heal and indestructibly shield the person for whom she is being a set of wings for. It also allows for her to grow up to medium size, whilst the knife, when thrown, becomes twelve separate knives, which all stab at, and dig into, the enemy, going directly into the enemy’s heart, as well as The Boon of The Fire Soul, allowing for immunity to fire and lightning, as well as fire-travel (becoming a spirit of fire and flying around superfast, enabling travel through paths or things that are fire or are on fire). Wand of Wonder
Max HP: 5,824,000
Current HP: 5,824,000
Experience Points (XP): 0 /20,000,000
Armor Class (A.C.): 59
Action Points: 9
Strength: 487
Wisdom: 526
Charisma: 527
Intelligence: 495
Constitution: 519
Dexterity: 469


Love interest is Yunalesca, and feelings are mutual. She has multiple forms, each one with a different personality. Diamond, however, is the most powerful form, the only one aware of the presence of the other forms, keeping them all in check and deciding which one is best for the situation at hand. Diamond also can see into the future, only able to see the most likely outcomes in the immediate future. She also possesses some psychic abilities, many of which are not particularly powerful, but still effective.


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