Amryc_34: Amryc
Race: Breton
Size: 6’2, kinda lanky
Class: Healer
Level: 564
Items: Health potions, elixirs, glass bow & arrows, phoenix ashes, phoenix feathers.
Max HP: 4,200,800
Current HP: 4,200,800
Experience Points (XP): 0/1,084,250
Armor Class (A.C.): 42
Action Points: 7
Strength: 457
Wisdom: 566
Charisma: 498
Intelligence: 566
Constitution: 568
Dexterity: 463


A healer with no particular religion or philosophy that he worships, Amryc is a healer practiced mostly in restoration magics, making him more of a healer as opposed to a mage. Amryc has strong ethics when it comes to mercy, and always assists his team members in ensuring they are free of disease, injury, and sometimes madness.


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