Snowhammer: Vargr.
Race: Nord Werewolf.
Size: Large man, 6’ 4”
Class: Barbarian/Paladin.
Level: 1,000
Gold: 3,000
Weapons: Bloodskall blade, Ebony blade, Vargr’s tooth, Nord hero blade, Vargr’s smithing axe, Enhanced Crossbow, Dawnbreaker, Dawnguard war axe, Dawnguard rune hammer, Stahlriim axe (Nocturnal)
Apparel: Stahlriim armor, Daedric boots of stamina, Stahlriim gauntlets of eminent strength, Amulet of Hircine. Yngol’s helm. The Boon of The Thunderborn crystal, the legendary Anvil of The Dragonborn (not actual Skyrim Game item, just a treasure item I came up with. It takes off the armor of those hit with it, enabling the wielder of the hammer to forge that armor. Some exceptional armors are immune to this. It grants immunity from bludgeoning damage.) and two armor sets (Malleabeus, a legendary set that conforms to any shape shifter or lycanthropes alternate form, in addition to extra appendages, and allows for unblockable teleportation and another set of armor to be placed upon it, and Natunar, another legendary set of armor that gives the wearer the ability to turn himself into a nature spirit whose only ability is to travel through and possess non sentient nature creatures such as animals, insects, plants, and transformed lycanthropes.)
Max HP: 12,000,000
HP (Board): 3,000
Current HP: 12,000,000
Experience Points (XP): MAXED
Armor Class (A.C.): 100
AC (Board):
Action Points: 40
Strength: 1,000
Wisdom: 1,000
Charisma: 742
Intelligence: 809
Constitution: 1,000
Dexterity: 1,000


Loves his home, which is Skyrim. He has freed it from Imperial rule and Thalmor subjugation, and is the greatest warrior in the history of Nirn. He believes that gods should not rule over men, and that it is time to bring the apocalypse down on them, as they have upon mortal-kind, for far too long. He is on a deicide, and has killed four gods already, and is greatly respected amongst the people of Skyrim. His backstory as to how he came to be in Skyrim is a mystery to all except a very select few. Demons, Vampires, Zombies, Gods, High-Elves, and anything that poses a threat to his people and believes themselves to be above others has earned the enmity of this extremely dangerous man. As a warning to all enemies of Skyrim and her people, you have given yourself a sentence of death, by hand of Vargr, Snowhammer.


The Choice is Yours AmbroseFL Snowhammer