Ambrose was an unstoppable hero. As long as he was around, evil had no place, and the worlds were safe. His arrival meant that the war was won, and good had prevailed. Ambrose was always there when you needed him, and he was the greatest fear of all whose nature was villainous. Was. Ambrose is dead, his many enemies now rising up to end all that he had fought for. Amongst these enemies is an entire race of alien gods who wish to bring aberrant insanity to all, ancient dragon lords waging war for world domination, Eldrazi seeking to consume all, and a whole host of villains, each with their own plot to take over a specific plane. While this goes on, a secretive cult emerges, terrifyingly widespread across all of the planes, carrying out the orders of a mysterious and omnipotent entity known only as "The Dark Father". As the most powerful evil forces in existence rise to end freedom, humanity, and sanity, great souls must arise to defend it. Will you fight alongside fellow legends in an epic battle against an onslaught of endless evil? Or will you fight against them, leading the army of the apocalypse, laying waste to all in your path? The Choice is Yours. 

The Choice is Yours

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